EMERG Benchmarking Conference/Contact Network

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 21-22 February 2017

According to the EMERG Rules of Procedure, the Contact Network shall perform the following tasks:

  1. Discuss the yearly Benchmark Report prepared by the Benchmark Expert Working Group, and approve the draft to be presented to the Plenary Assembly;
  2. Assess the implementation of the Work Plan and the recommendations and decisions adopted by the Plenary Assembly;
  3. Ensure and plan the follow-up of these recommendations and decisions;
  4. Discuss the tasks and rules of procedures of the Permanent Secretariat and propose modifications to the Plenary Assembly, whenever necessary;
  5. Follow up on the development, enhancement, and efficient utilization of EMERG website;
  6. Study the issues of common interest likely to be the object of debates and discussions during the Plenary Assembly;
  7. Propose any document to be approved and/or published to the Plenary Assembly;
  8. Propose a draft agenda for the following Plenary Assembly.