2017 EMERG Plenary Assembly, Rome (Italy)

The Plenary Assembly is composed of all the Members and convenes at least once a year. Members attending the Plenary Assembly are represented by their Presidents, CEO’s or designated Board Members and their supporting delegates which accompany them or by any other person mandated by them.

The location and date of the Plenary Assembly meeting is decided by the chair, in consultation with the two vice chairs.

Tasks of the Plenary Assembly include:

  • Appointing the new Chairman and the new Vice-Chairman;
  • Appointing the members of the Permanent Secretariat;
  • Approving the Work-plan;
  • Approving the Annual Report and the Benchmarking Report of the previous year and decide on
    their publication on the EMERG Website;
  • Granting membership and/or observer status to candidates;
  • Adopting and amend the EMERG Charter;
  • Adopting and amend its own rules of procedure, as well as those of the Contact Network and
    the Permanent Secretariat;
  • Discussing regulatory issues and proposals emerging from the benchmarking or working group
    activities with a view to approximation;
  • Adopting and/or publish any document as it sees fit.