EMERG Workshop on Consumer Protection, QoS and Net Neutrality  26 and 27 September 2017


In continuity with the discussion held at the EMERG workshop in Paris on 14-15 April 2011, the EMERG Plenary decided to include a workshop on the Consumer protection and the quality of service in the EMERG Work Plan 2017. The intention is to deal with some of the topics already taken into consideration in 2011, but considering them from additional perspectives, different angles. Besides, the workshop will open the discussion on the most relevant objectives listed in the Digital Single Market Strategy of the European Union about consumer protection and quality of service. For instance, the removal of the Geo-blocking and other geographically-based restrictions to boost the e-commerce in a wider market, though online cross-border sales. In addition, the workshop will address with a comprehensive approach the general subject of the “Quality of Service”, adding also the concept of the “Quality of Experience”, which is now deemed as relevant from the Consumers’ perspective. Namely, how the electronic communications services are perceived by the users, considering the different factors which effect their perception. Basically, in the recent years, it has been registered a shift from a “technological approach” network-based typical of the measurement of the quality of service to a more subjective one centered on the users experience.

Furthermore, during the workshop the participants will discuss about some other topics of common interest, which are included in the questionnaire:

  • the latest updates on the transparency regulation policies in the different Countries;
  • consumers’ empowerment through educational campaign;
  • handicapped users’ special provisions.
  • Consumers’ complaints handling and dispute resolution.

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