In 2018 NTRA, the Egyptian Regulatory Authority for the electronic communication sector, took over the Presidency of the European Mediterranean Regulators Group (hereinafter referred to as “EMERG”), having been appointed during the 2017 Plenary meeting in Rome (Italy).

The Annual Report provides a summary of the activities carried out as stemming from a dense agenda and summarises the main results achieved in every meeting, not only in terms of participation, recommendations and discussion, but also with a view to the international role played by the Group within and outside Europe. In this latter respect, the EMERG participated in several inter-platform initiatives, including the joint BEREC-EMERG meeting.



Workshop on Quality of Service Regulation


  • The QoS is an important tool to address the consumer interest and to enhance competition between operators and the level of services. QoS must be encouraged and enforced and the assessment should be proportioned to the consumers needs.
  • Several EMERG members have developed regulatory means concerning the QoS/QoE. We encourage Regulators who have not yet taken steps in this direction to follow, when feasible.

EMERG Workshop on IOT / M2M Regulations Focusing on Autonomous Driving


  • EMERG members are taking the initiative to create the regulatory environment to participate in the EU e-call system.
  • EMERG members are making efforts to facilitate through numbering regulatory solutions and permanent roaming for M2M applications.
  • EMERG members encourage a global certification for the IOT / M2M devices as well as enable innovation.

EMERG Workshop on IFRS Accounting Standards and Price Regulations


  • EMERG NRAs should take efforts to implement their own Long run incremental cost (LRIC) model rather than Fully allocated cost (FAC) model wherever appropriate, depending on the individual market situation
  • EMERG NRAs should prioritise wholesale price regulation over retail regulation.

EMERG – BEREC Workshop on 5G


  • EMERG members agreed that there should be a pressure on operators to do a fast roll-out with high coverage &QoS, since 5G is a key technology for the digitization of the economy and therefore for international competitiveness of the industry and that conducting trials can be a way to ensure a better understanding of what 5G can provide.
  • EMERG members agreed that the challenges for the regulators are multifold and go beyond standardization and spectrum licensing or auctioning. They concern among others the market demand for 5G, the availability of the frequency bands to be awarded, the coverage obligations to be attached to the rights of use, the possibility for the industry to benefit from 5G.