EMERG Expert Working Group meeting on International Roaming (IR EWG)

Israel (September 2-5, 2019)

The first meeting of EMERG Expert Working Group on International Roaming (IR EWG) will be held in Israel (September 2-5, 2019), with the objective of exploring ways to harmonizing international roaming regulations with the EU.

The European Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG) was established on July 1, 2008 in Malta, as a platform of National Regulatory Authorities for Electronic Communications Networks and Services. The EMERG’s activities are currently funded by the European Commission through the “New Approaches to Telecommunications Project” (NATP-4).

According to its Charter, the main objectives of EMERG are to act as a forum for regular discussions and exchanges of information for its Members on issues relating to electronic communications and to promote the approximation to the European regulatory framework and best practices among its Members.

EMERG performs a platform for facilitating the cooperation and strengthening the regional coordination between MENA countries (Mediterranean non-EU Countries) and European Union.

The meeting will be a preparatory meeting for the planned EMERG workshop on international roaming, which will be held in Biel, Switzerland on November 5-6, 2019.

Experts from the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) of Italy (AGCOM), Switzerland (BAKOM), Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRA), Egypt (NTRA) and Israel (MoC), as well as a representative of DETECON Consulting, will participate in the working group meetings.

Presentations will be delivered by experts in the field of International Roaming on the following subjects:

  1. Review on the regional roaming agreement process in the Eastern Partnership. Presentation by Mr. Andrejs Dombrovskis, Deputy Director, Electronic Communications and Post Department, SPRK (Latvia)
  2. Review on the regional roaming agreement process in the Western Balkans. Presentation by Mr. Aleksandar Mastilovic, Expert Advisor to the Director General, CRA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  3. Cost modelling and monitoring issues in international roaming. Presentation by Mr. Davide Gallino, Head of Unit, Digital Services Development, AGCOM (Italy)
  4. Permanent roaming. Presentation by Dr. Arnulf Heuermann, DETECON

The meeting, hosted by Israel, emphasizes the fruitful professional cooperation among the EMERG Member States and it is an added value for the overall future sustainability of the regional network.

At the end of the year, the Members of the working group will issue a final report, to be sent to the European Commission, reflecting its recommendations.