EMERG participation to the ITU 20th Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-20)

EMERG participated to several International Telecommunication Union (ITU) events within the initiatives taken for the ITU GSR-2020 anniversary, dedicated to Regulatory Authorities in the electronic communication sector.
Namely, in July, EMERG provided its contribution to the Regulatory Roundtable Discussion for Europe And Cis, represented by Naama Henig, International Relations Director at MOC Israel and Chair of the EMERG International roaming EWG, together with a Representative of the EMERG outgoing Chair Aleksandar Mastilovic, CRA Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Furthermore, in August, EMERG participated to the GSR-20 Regional Regulatory Roundtable: Competition Policy and Analysis in a Digital Apps Environment for the Arab and Africa Regions, represented by Samer Ali, MTIT (Palestine) EMERG Chair 2020.
Then, EMERG  contributed to the Regulatory Associations Meeting 2020, during the Global Symposium for Regulators 2020 (GSR-20), presenting the Group, its main activities and goals. In particular, EMERG took the chance to stress  the importance of being connected worldwide and mentioned its active cooperation with EaPeReg and BEREC, looking forward to other initiatives. EMERG was represented by Paola Calestani, AGCOM Italy, Permanent Secretariat member.