EMERG Plenary Assembly: ANACOM (Portugal) Chair 2021

EMERG held the last session of the EMERG Plenary assembly, on 15 September 2020, chaired by Samer Ali MTIT (Palestine) EMERG Chair 2020. The representatives voted unanimously for future set-up of the Group:

ANACOM (Portugal) represented by its Chairman, João Cadete de Matos, was appointed as EMERG Chair 2021 and Vice-Chair 2020; MOC (Israel) represented by Naama Henig was elected as vice-Chair 2021 and Chair 2022, according to the rotation between EU Countries and MENA Countries provided by the EMERG Charter. Furthermore, the EMERG Permanent Secretariat was established: together with the “Troika” (ANACOM, CRA and MTIT), MOC (Israel) Chair 2022, AGCOM (Italy), TRC (Jordan) and NTRA (Egypt) as volunteers, were included.


Moreover, the Plenary assembly approved the Work plan for 2020 that will be executed virtually since the current emergency; it comprises the following topics:

  • 5G policy for regulators to operate 5G;
  • Net Neutrality and Open Internet Neutrality;
  • Broadband Strategy;
  • International Roaming.

International cooperation

Finally, EMERG confirmed its commitment to strengthening the international cooperation with other platforms and institutions. In this respect, EMERG decided to sign a new MoU with BEREC to give continuity to the past fruitful collaboration, especially aiming at achieving one of the most relevant objectives, namely the approximation to the EU regulatory framework in the MENA countries. In addition, EMERG decided to reinforce the cooperation with EaPeReg on the topics of common interest as, for example, International Roaming. Finally, EMERG welcomed the recent activities in ITU as regional platform, as already reported, and decided to take part to the Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA) in the scope of Africa-EU partnership.