EMERG Benchmark report 2019

EMERG Plenary assembly approved the annual Benchmark report for 2019, prepared by its consultants DETECON and WIK.

Since 2009 the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG) has undertaken an annual benchmark of its member National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs). The results form the basis for the evaluation of the level of approximation of the southern Mediterranean countries (hereinafter also referred to as MENA countries) with respect to the European Framework for the electronic communications sector and the formulation of the Group’s Annual Work Plan.

There are minor changes in the organization of the 2019 Report compared to the 2018 Benchmark report. Like the previous report the 2019 Report seeks to quantify the rapprochement between MENA and European countries by showing the evolution of individual indicators over time. Like in previous reports information about key performance indicators and trends of the telecom sector has been collected and an update of the regulatory activities of the EMERG members in 2018 is provided.