Regulatory cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area has a story to tell

Back in July 1, 2008, Malta was the chosen place for launching the European Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG). Since then, rooted in the ideals and principles of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation of the Barcelona Process, EMERG remains an independent platform of 23 National Regulatory Authorities for Electronic Communications Networks and Services.

During the past 13 years, the road has been full of challenges: keeping members together, sharing ideas, best practices; promoting the internal debate on common challenges; nurturing cooperation with strategic partners, within the framework of the European Union.

The Euro-Mediterranean cooperation has not always been self-evident and requires a significant and active will to continue. Also, since 2008, the world has changed and the technological and regulatory challenges are different, in times that now claim for green and digital revolutions.

With this in mind, EMERG has opted for a bi-annual planning for 2021-2022, taking a step into the future, providing a basis for the new EMERG in the years to come. From 2020 to 2022, with the Palestinian, Portuguese and Israeli NRAs conducting the EMERG Chairmanship, the group is strongly committed to reaffirm its capacity of mobilizing internal resources to consistent working groups, that will feed EMERG with open and proactive discussions on subjects that are of its current or future interest.

On the other hand, EMERG has a word to say when it comes to building bridges to and with other partners, with special attention to BEREC, and the regulatory groups in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Also, new projects deriving from the new European strategic partnerships will surely be paramount for EMERG, with particular focus on the PRIDA Initiative, supported by the EU and the African Union.

13 years after its day one, the strength of EMERG lies not only in the diversity of perspectives, but in the ultimate link of cooperation, with a convergent vision.

That is why EMERG celebrates today, July 1, the commitment towards the original objectives: to promote the approximation to the European regulatory framework and best practices among its Members, on issues relating to electronic communications and, ultimately to make a difference in people’s lives, across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Press release