EMERG met BEREC to reaffirm and develop the cooperation between the two groups

The EMERG delegation, composed by João Cadete de Matos (EMERG Chair 2021, ANACOM- Portugal) Naama Henig (MoC Israel – EMERG incoming Chair) and Natasa Kuzmanovic (CRA Bosnia and Herzegovina, Member of the Permanent Secretariat) met the BEREC representatives led by Michel Van Bellinghen, 2021 BEREC Chair to further discuss activities encompassed in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2019 between the two organizations.

BEREC expressed the interest in implementing the MoU with EMERG, since it takes international cooperation with the EMERG partners seriously and strategically, with a special focus on international roaming regional agreement and digital platform regulation, both considered valuable topics to further engage on, given the international dimension and the mutual interest in digital developments.

EMERG confirmed the strong commitment to achieve positive results in the scope of its remits relying also on the cooperation with BEREC and its experts who can support the work done by EMERG Expert working groups providing the European best practices.

Dubrovnik, 29.09.2021