The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority NTRA pursuant to telecommunication regulation Law No. 10 of 2003 is the national authority in charge of regulating the telecommunications sector through executing the established policies for the development and dissemination of various telecommunications services

NTRA is responsible for creating an environment conducive to competition and encouraging investment on non-monopolistic basis and in light of free and open competition between the best national and international expertise. In its quest to achieve these goals, NTRA has adopted a regulatory framework for establishing and operating data centers and providing hosting and cloud computing services.

This step comes in line with the country’s strategy to support the digital transformation process and to attract and boost investments in this domain. In addition to capitalizing on Egypt’s central geographical location being a gateway connecting Africa & the Middle East to Europe and to cement Egypt strategic position as a regional and global hub for data traffic making it one of the most promising markets in the rapidly growing field of data centers.

This regulatory framework aims to attract hyper-scale data centers, cloud computing service providers and electronic content providers to the Egyptian market, which is envisaged to support the state’s plans for digital transformation and enable providing state of the art electronic services to citizens.