Memorandum of Understanding with EaPeReg, Kiev (Ukraine), 03.12.2021

On 3rd December 2021 in Kiev, EMERG (Euro-Mediterranean Regulators) is going to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EaPeReg (Eastern partnership Regulators): the ongoing fruitful cooperation between the two regional platforms will be formalized, after the first and welcomed proposal at EaPeReg Riga plenary in 2019. The Mediterranean countries will share with Eastern Partnership ones, their common experience on several topics such as:

.             QoS and QoE of communication networks and services;

.            Connectivity and 5G Regulations / NRA experiences with 5G;

.            Broadband deployment and promotion of NGA/VHCN roll-out;

.            Consumer protection and end-users with Focus on New Services;

.            Open Internet;

.            Digital platforms

.            Promotion of competition in markets and services;

.            International Roaming & IMTR.

The roadmap from Riga 2019 to Kiev 2021 was affected by Covid pandemic, but the cooperation between EMERG and EaPeReg never stopped, and, in Dubrovnik (Croatia), last October, the two platforms met again in person.

Riga 2019

Dubrovnik 2021