According to the EMERG 2021-2022 Work Programme, and under the Expert Working Group on Communication, a series of webinars was conducted since December 2021, provided by experts from EMERG members on various matters relevant to the regulatory authorities. So far, the following webinars have taken place:

.     2 December 2021, presentation by CNMC, the Spanish on “Demand side data: The CNMC Household Panel”;

.     15 December 2021, presentation by ANACOM, the Portuguese regulator, on “NET.mede tool”;

.     20 December 2021, presentation by BTK, the Turkish regulator on “Turkish consumer protection regulations under development to tackle new challenges arising from rapid uptake of new telecommunications/ICT services”;

.     27 January 2022,  presentation by ANACOM, on “International connectivity: challenges and opportunities”;

.     10 February 2022, presentation by ANACOM, on “Regulated access offers to poles and ducts”;


.     24 February 2022, presentation by ANACOM, on “Submarine cables”;

.     31 March 2022, presentation by ARCEP, the French regulator, on “Achieving Digital Sustainability”.

So far, this Platform has proven to be a win-win project, as it enables delivering focused overviews on topics of interest to all, building it from the available expertise from different resources (beginning by EMERG members, institutional partners and external stakeholders).