On 9 May 2022, EMERG held its Benchmark/contact network meeting in Tel Aviv (Israel): it was the kick-off meeting of the EMERG season 2022 looking forward to the next Plenary meeting in Brussels which will take place at IRG Office on 31st May: to this regard, EMERG is willing to express gratitude to the BEREC Chair 2022, Annemarie Sipeks (ACM), who made it possible considering the continuous and fruitful relations between the two regional Groups, reaffirmed recently by a further Memorandum of Understanding.

Liran Avisar ben Hurin, Director General of the Ministry of Communications (MoC, Israel) welcomed all the participants and introduced the 2022 first meeting, taking the opportunity to thank the European Commission for the constant support and looking forward the next projects together: “ICT is truly the new normal: connectivity is the fuel of this digital transformation and by definition the opposite of division. By bringing our expertise and creating a dialogue, we create a language of regional development and growth in our region. Together we can create a collaborative network of expertise and drive regulatory harmonization forward.”

The EMERG CN, chaired by Naama Henig, Head of the International Affairs Department (MoC), went through all the preparatory documents that are going to be approved by the Plenary in Brussels, such as the draft 2022 Benchmark report, the 2021 Annual Report and all the reports from the different Experts working groups, along with the Work plan 2022. In addition, a fruitful preliminary discussion was held regarding the future of EMERG starting from 2023 with the support of the European Commission and of all EMERG relevant partners.


Tel Aviv, 09.05.2022