EMERG has recently held its first Plenary Assembly for 2022 both physically and virtually. During the meeting chaired by Naama Henig (Ministry of Israel MOC), EMERG had the opportunity to discuss about the future of the Group as of 2023, when the European Commission financial support will be not granted.

To this aim an EMERG delegation met the European Commission representatives before the Assembly to investigate on the EMERG possibilities to be part of the European big project related to the Mediterranean area which will cover different strategic sectors including the electronic communications networks and services: in 2022 EMERG is committed to provide with a strategic paper concerning the most relevant topics of both interest, looking at the approximation to the European regulatory framework as a main goal to achieve.

Furthermore, the Assembly approved the following documents:

2021 Annual Report

2021 Benchmark Report


EMERG Report on Digital Platforms


The EMERG Assembly will be reconvened at the end of the year to update the Members on pending issues and to appoint the Chair 2023 and the Permanent Secretariat.


Brussels, 31 May 2022