Fostering Broadband Connectivity in the Euro – Mediterranean area: Technical and Regulatory Challenges, Milan 11.11.2022

On 11 November 2022 in Milan (Italy) at “Politecnico di Milano University”, the EMERG will hold a conference about “Fostering Broadband Connectivity in the Euro – Mediterranean area:  Technical and Regulatory Challenges” with a focus on the role of 5G and the best technology mix to achieve the targets of the EC  “2030 Digital Decade Policy Programme”.

The conference is part of the EMERG workplan 2022 under the Presidency of the Ministry of Communications (MOC) of Israel, hosted by the Italian National Regulatory Authority for Communications (AGCOM).

The meeting, kindly hosted by Politecnico di Milano, will be held both in presence and online: students, operators and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

The final agenda and the contact details to participate will follow.


The latest update of the “2030 Digital Decade Policy Programme” foresees that, in the EU, all populated areas are covered by next generation wireless high-speed networks with at least 5G equivalent performance.

In accordance with the principle of technology neutrality, all technologies and transmission systems shall be able to contribute to the achievement of the Gigabit connectivity, including the current and upcoming advancements of fibre, satellite, 5G or any other future ecosystem and next generation Wi-Fi.

However, with a number of countries failing to meet previous deadlines relating to 5G rollout and release of spectrum, participants will look at the extent to which this new framework can help address the targets, and which technical and regulatory solutions can help fostering connectivity in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Therefore, the European Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG) organizes a workshop on these new connectivity challenges, focusing in particular on the role of 5G mobile networks and comparable technologies in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The workshop will be held in four sections:

1)      Overview: – the 2030 Digital Decade Programme in the Euro-Mediterranean context; 5G networks coverage as a tool to bridge the digital divide.

2)    Technology – The technology mix: 5G in comparison with new developments in low -orbit satellite and next generation connectivity, such as Fi-WI (Fiber to Wireless). Keeping it all together: allowing strong traffic growth while reducing energy consumption

3)       Regulation – The Role of the National Regulators (NRAs): technical and regulatory options.

4)    Case studies – Europe and the Mediterranean Area (MENA Countries).  The role of the operators and stakeholders in fostering connectivity.

EMERG invites the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Network (EaPereg) to participate to the meeting, within the Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) EMERG signed with the counterparts.