Presentations – EMERG/AGCOM Workshop on Fostering Broadband Connectivity in the Euro – Mediterranean area: Technical and Regulatory Challenges. Milan 11.11.2022

The Role of 5G and other ecosystems in the 2030 Digital Decade Programme

Franco Accordino, Head of Unit, High-capacity networks (DG Connect, European Commission)

Future challenges in the application of the 5G technology. The technology mix: 5G, Fi-Wi, 5G over Non terrestrial networks
Antonio Capone, Dean of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, (Politecnico di Milano)

Maurizio Dècina, Emeritus Professor (Politecnico di Milano)
Michele Zorzi, Professor Department of Information Engineering (University of Padova)
Richard Majoor, (Detecon, Germany)
From digital divide to digital inclusion
The role of state aid in fostering connectivity

Isabel Arias Valdès, Subdirección de Regulación de Comunicaciones Electrónicas (CNMC, Spain)

Non-Terrestrial Networks: Digital Inclusion from Above

Giampaolo Panariello, CTO – Mediterranean Area (NOKIA)

Daniel Gueorguiev, Government & Policy Advocacy Director • GFMC GPA Europe (ERICSSON)

Regulatory challenges in developing broadband connectivity: the role of national regulators
Massimiliano Capitanio, Commissioner (AGCOM)
Tal Elimelech, Deputy Director General, Israeli Ministry of Communication (EMERG Chair 2022)

Dimitris Varoutas, Vice President, Hellenic Telecommunication and Post Commission (EETT)
Jaroslaw Ponder, Head, ITU Office for Europe (International Telecommunication Union)

Improving energy performance in 5G networks
Daniele Franceschini, Technology and IT Planning, Engineering & Innovation, (TIM)

Marco Zangani, Network Director Italy & Mobile Access Engineering (Vodafone)
Fulvio Margherita, Radio Network Planning and Operation Director (WindTre)
Case studies
The application of 5G networks in the industrial structures of the future. The 5G smart factory

Andrea Malagnini, CIO (EXOR International)

Elind Sulmina,Project Officer at ITU Office for Europe (International Telecommunication Union)