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NTRA- Egypt is issuing a new regulatory framework for licenses to establish and lease the infrastructure for mobile towers

News from EMERG Members: NTRA Egypt informs that it is issuing a new regulatory framework for licenses to establish and lease the infrastructure for mobile towers. NTRA is available to discuss any detail about the new license with different stakeholders interested to explore this new license. Please find here the official communication:

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EMERG International Roaming Report 2019

In 2019, EMERG members decided to explore the possibility to start a project for the development of a regional approach toward international roaming regulation, giving the task to the competent Expert working group, chaired by MOC Israel. To this aim, a first report has been prepared in the context of the EMERG Work Plan 2019 […]


EMERG Sustainability Report 2019

Since its founding in 2008 EMERG has been funded by the European Commission through NATP I-IV program. The last project, in combination with funding from the Commission, ran from 2016 to 2020, and over the last two years EMERG explored several options to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform in case the Commission were […]

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The EMERG/Contact network meeting is the preparatory meeting for the EMERG Activities for 2020. According to the EMERG Charter, the Members have to discuss the following issues: Discuss the yearly Benchmarking Report, and approve the draft to be presented to the Plenary Assembly; Assess the implementation of the Work-plan and the recommendations and decisions adopted […]

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EMERG-BEREC Joint workshop in Zagreb (HR) 3-4 December 2019

The new role of regulators in the era of the new ecosystem of telecommunications and the new challenges of telecom regulation Rapid technological change that we have been witnessing over the years have significantly influenced the way we live, work and interrelate. Digital transformation brings new opportunities for citizens and industries, but also new challenges […]