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EMERG Plenary Assembly Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 26 March 2019

      Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA) as EMERG Chair 2019, invited the EMERG Members to the Plenary assembly that will be held in Sarajevo on 26 March 2019. According to the EMERG Charter the Plenary’s tasks are: Appointing the new Chairman and the new Vice-Chairman; Appointing the members of the Permanent Secretariat; Establishing Expert Working […]

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EMERG (18) 02 Report on Market Trends and Regulatory Activities of EMERG Members 2017

  Since 2009 the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators’ Group (EMERG) has undertaken an annual benchmark of its member National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs). The results form the basis for the evaluation of the level of approximation of the southern Mediterranean countries (hereinafter also referred to as MENA countries) with respect to the European Framework for the electronic communications […]