EMERG held virtually a meeting on the Broadband strategies on 17 December 2020, chaired by Mahmoud Hatem (NTRA Egypt) and hosted by TRC Jordan. Generally, the workshop focused on the key issues related to connectivity and roll-out of high capacity networks, covering topics related as mapping, investments, technical solutions, national experiences, and current European framework. Furthermore, EMERG invited EaPeReg to present the work done by the Eastern partnership Group on this strategic matter.

Roll-out of high capacity broadband and mobile networks: mapping the roadDavide Gallino AGCOM (Italy)

Measuring & Monitoring Broadband (QoS/QoE)Zeid Al-Kadi TRC (Jordan)

Cost-minimizing Technology Mix for roll-out of Fixed and Mobile BroadbandArnulf Heuermann DETECON

Regional approaches to Broadband Development in Eastern Partnership CountriesInga Popovici EaPeReg IRB EWG Chair