On 17 December 2020, EMERG held a virtual meeting with BEREC for the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations. EMERG was represented by Samer Ali, EMERG Chair 2020 (MTIT Palestine) and Paola Calestani, Member of the EMERG Permanent Secretariat (AGCOM Italy); BEREC was represented by Dan Sjoblom, Chair BEREC 2020, Michel Van Bellinghen, Chair BEREC 2021, László Ignéczi, Director BEREC Office, Tom Boyce (ComReg, Ireland), Ola Bergström, (PTS, Sweden).

EMERG representatives underlined the importance of the renewal of the cooperation between the two regional platforms, giving continuity to the agreements and the activities fruitfully undertaken in the previous years: one of the main EMERG goals is the approximation to the European regulatory framework in the electronic communications sector and BEREC has been recognised more and more as crucial partner to help EMERG in reaching this strategic objective.

The two parts agreed on holding joint workshops and on setting up common experts working groups in the coming years, when feasible. In particular, the suggested topics of cooperative relationship are the followings:

  • Promotion of competition in markets, services, infrastructures, supporting the digital transformation.
  • Connectivity and 5G networks: regulatory challenges.
  • Broadband deployment and promotion of NGA/VHCN roll-out.
  • Promotion of investment by means of a pro-competitive regulation.
  • How to overcome the Digital divide.
  • Spectrum management.
  • International roaming tariffs.
  • Open Internet / Net neutrality.
  • Consumer protection and end-users’ interests in the electronic communications ecosystem.
  • Administrative procedures and operational issues concerning the NRAs’ activity.

In the light of the increasing cooperation between EMERG and Eastern Partnership (EaPeReg), EMERG was invited to participate to the EaPeReg 16th Plenary Meeting (Virtual) on 3.12.2020.

At the welcoming session EMERG, represented by Paola Calestani (AGCOM) EMERG Member of The Permanent Secretariat, thanked the EaPerReg group for the invitation and highlighted the importance of the cooperation between the two regional platforms. In addition, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken by the States to face this disruptive situation, Paola Calestani recalled the important role of the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) in assuring connectivity for the all the countries, allowing, among the others,  smart working, e-learning, e-health, and many other essential services.

Regarding cooperation with EaPeReg, EMERG proposed to the Plenary a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parts especially focused on the topics of common interest.

For further information regarding the EaPeReg plenary please visit their website at this page.

EU4Digital: Telecom (EaPeReg) 16th Plenary Meeting (1) (eap-events.eu)

EMERG held, virtually, its third 2020 workshop about International Roaming on 7 December. The Workshop was chaired by Naama Henig, representing the Ministry of Communication of Israel (MOC) and Chair of the EMERG International roaming Expert working group and it was hosted by ANACOM (Portugal), EMERG Incoming Chair.

Initially, Arnulf Heuermann (DETECON) gave an overall introduction on the topic at stake, giving updates about the work done by the EMERG EWG:

International Roaming: Regulatory Options, ECOWAS Regional Roaming and Status of the EMERG Working Group – Arnulf Heuermann DETECON

Then, Liliia Malon (Ukarine) EaPeReg Network – Eastern Partnership Member, in charge of International roaming, gave a presentation on the experience in the regional area they cover. EMERG cooperation with EaPeReg is becoming more and more fruitful and it is s strengthening also for the next year.

Roaming Initiative of the Eastern Partnership countries EMERG WS on International RoamingLiliia Malon EaPeReg Roaming EWG Chair

Then, Manuel Costa Cabral (ANACOM) presented the experience of the  international roaming working group within the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP)

The international roaming working group within the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP) – Manuel Costa Cabral (ANACOM)