On 26-27 November 2019 an EMERG delegation participated to two events of the Eastern partnership network (EaPeReg) in Riga (Latvia). The first day meeting was about International Roaming, a strategic topic for both platforms, in the view of possible regional agreements as it was for the Western Balkans countries; the second day meeting was the EaPeReg Plenary, where EMERG introduced itself and confirmed the intention to cooperate with the Eastern partnership network for the future. Consequently, other opportunities will be planned to continue on this path, since both networks and the European Commission, considered them valuable and of mutual benefit.

The first time EMERG met EaPeReg representatives was during the Summit with BEREC and Regulatel which took place in Crete (Greece) last October. In that occasion, EMERG and EaPeReg agreed to strengthen cooperation between the two regional platforms and to share experience and achievements in the fields of common interest such as International Roaming.

Alongside the participation to the EaPeReg events, the EMERG took the opportunity to visit the BEREC Office (the European agency which is supporting  BEREC), whose premises is in Riga: the BEREC Office Director, László Ignéczi, presented the Agency, its organisation, mission and goals, while EMERG gave a short overview on the regional cooperation among its members, focusing on its mandate in term of approximation to the European regulatory framework. To this aim, it was also recalled the Memorandum of Understanding with BEREC signed in 2017.

The EMERG delegation was composed of Natasa Kuzmanovic (CRA Bosnia and Herzegovina, EMERG Chair 2019), Mahmoud Hatem (NTRA Egypt, EMERG outgoing Chair), Michal Vizan (MOC Israel, Roaming EWG Chair), Paola Calestani (AGCOM Italy, EMERG Communication Officer).

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Communications Regulatory Agency (CRAas EMERG Chair 2019, invited the EMERG Members to the Plenary assembly that will be held in Sarajevo on 26 March 2019. According to the EMERG Charter the Plenary’s tasks are:

  • Appointing the new Chairman and the new Vice-Chairman;
  • Appointing the members of the Permanent Secretariat;
  • Establishing Expert Working Groups and appointing their Chair or co-chairs.
  • Approving the Work-plan;
  • Approving the Annual Report and the Benchmark Report of the previous year and decide on their publication on the EMERG Website;
  • Granting membership and/or observer status to candidates;
  • Adopting and amend the EMERG Charter;
  • Adopting and amend its own rules of procedure, as well as those of the Contact Network and the Permanent Secretariat;
  • Discussing regulatory issues and proposals emerging from the benchmarking or working group activities with a view to approximation

The Plenary meeting will agree on the EMERG sustainability after 2020.

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 EMERG Work Plan for 2019

The Work Plan 2019 is the result of a comprehensive, transparent and inclusive procedure, aiming at relaunching the EMERG activities, stimulating the participation of the Members and achieving the main strategic goals for the benefit of both sides of the Mediterranean basin.

With the aim to ensure continuity in the workflow over the year, EMERG agreed that two 2019 workshops serve as a follow-up to the two virtual working groups and cover topics of Net Neutrality and International Roaming.

Namely, at the Plenary meeting in Rome in 2017 Members expressed the need to set up two Expert working groups in order to better consolidate a cooperation among the Members, on the specific topics that push for harmonized approaches, such as Net Neutrality and International Roaming. The two groups were officially activated at the Plenary meeting in Cairo in 2018 and as a follow up to these activities, topics have been included in Working Plan 2019.

Workshop 1: Wholesale Regulation of very high capacity networks (VHCNs)

Workshop 2: Net Neutrality

Workshop 3: International Roaming

Workshop 4:  The new role of regulators in the Era of new ecosystem of telecommunications and the new challenges of telecom’s regulation

The Plenary Assembly appointed the Chair for 2020:

Ministry for Telecommunications and IT MTIT (State of Palestine)

The Permanent Secretariat will also include:

Communications Regulatory Agency CRA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)  EMERG Chair 2019

National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority NTRA (Egypt)  EMERG Chair 2018

Telecommunications Regulation Commission TRC (Jordan)– volunteer

Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni AGCOM (Italy) – volunteer