In 2017 AGCOM, the Italian Regulatory Authority for the electronic communication sector, took over the Presidency of the European Mediterranean Regulators Group (hereinafter referred to as “EMERG”), having been appointed during the 2016 Plenary meeting in Sharm el Sheik (Egypt).

The present document will go through all the activities undertaken during 2017, in line with the mission and the remit of the Group, as stated in the EMERG Charter.

The EMERG experienced some logistic problems in 2016 that undermined the participation of the Members in the meetings. For this reason, in 2017 it was decided to hold most of the events in Europe, also trying to optimize their organization by strengthening the cooperation among the Members. In 2017 the EMERG, in cooperation with DETECON (the consultant company supporting the Group selected by the European Commission) made an effort to meet the deadlines set and to produce documents as foreseen in the rules of procedures. The present report will therefore provide a summary of the activities carried out as stemming from a dense agenda, due to the delay in the accomplishment of the work plan 2016, as well as to other institutional activities planned at international level. The report will summarize the main results achieved in every meeting, not only in terms of participation, recommendations and discussion, but also with a view to the international role played by the Group within and outside Europe. In this latter respect, the EMERG participated in several inter-platform initiatives, including the joint BEREC-EMERG meeting held in Cascais (Portugal) on 31 May-1 June and two further events:

  1. Regional Co-operations among Regulators, held in Paris on 25 April 2017.
  2. Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR)_Regional Regulatory Associations Meeting (RA) in Bahamas on 11-14 July 2017.

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The NTRA Egypt as EMERG’s Chair for 2018 accepted the application of Libya to become a sponsored member of EMERG.

We are very glad to have Lybia back as an EMERG member!


The Quality of Service (QoS) remains one of the important items that raises important issues regarding the development of telecommunications networks and the dynamism of the market. QoS usually does not have to be regulated, if competition allows for sufficient consumer choice between different price-quality offerings. However, in many circumstances where consumer transparency is limited or operators may abuse significant market power a minimum QoS regulation may be necessary. This is in particular true for universal service offerings, wholesale contracts between operators (RIO, RAO) or broadband offerings with non-transparent service quality promises. Ensuring an efficient regulation of QoS in this ever-changing environment is critical; regulators have to take into account consumer needs but also the offering of competitive QoS by concerned operators.

Regulators have to develop adapted process and tools to monitor the quality of service issues efficiently. Different enforcement options will also be discussed.

In this workshop, we will try to address the different cases followed in EU and MENA countries regarding the QoS Regulation in fixed and mobile networks and the opportunity to have a look on   measures followed for Quality of user Experience. This workshop will also allow the Emerg Members to see the view of expert concerning quality of service issues related to 5G networks and other NGN networks.

During the workshop, the participants will debate about their respective experience and framework regarding QoS and their perspective on this issue.