EMERG Plenary Meeting in Cairo (Egypt) 20.03.2018

The next Plenary Meeting takes place on 20th March 2018 in Cairo (Egypt) and is organised by the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA).

In this Plenary Assembly Meeting the Benchmarking Report for 2017 and the Work Plan for 2018 will be discussed and approved. Moreover, measures and more formal steps needed to be taken to guarantee the selfsustainability will be discussed to secure the enhancement of EMERG’s development over time of EMERG in the future.

EMERG BENCHMARKING CONFERENCE / CONTACT NETWORK in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) from 20-21.02.2018


The EMERG/Contact network meeting is the preparatory meeting for the 2018 EMERG Activities for 2018.

According to the EMERG Charter, the Members have to discuss the following issues:

  • Discuss the yearly Benchmarking Report, and approve the draft to be presented to the Plenary Assembly;
  • Assess the implementation of the Work-plan and the recommendations and decisions adopted by the Plenary Assembly;
  • Ensure and plan the follow-up of these recommendations and decisions;
  • Discuss the tasks and rules of procedures of the Secretariat and propose modifications to the Plenary Assembly whenever necessary;
  • Follow up on the development, enhancement, and efficient utilization of EMERG website;
  • Study the issues of common interest likely to be the object of debates and discussions during the Plenary Assembly;
  • Propose any document to be approved and/or published to the Plenary Assembly;
  • Propose a draft agenda for the following Plenary Assembly.


In 2018 EMERG also will continue to discuss about EMERG sustainability, considering the outcomes of the Cascais declaration in 2017. The aim is to propose an action plan to the Commission at the Plenary in Cairo (Egypt) heading to a solution that can guarantee the future of the platform after 2019.

Besides, EMERG will collect proposals for the work plan 2018 and volunteers for hosting the workshops and for chairing them as rapporteur.

Last but not least, The CN meeting will collect the volunteers for the Chairmanship 2019 and the members of the Secretariat, considering that AGCOM (as outgoing Chair) and NTRA as Chair 2018 are part of it.

EMERG_18_01_Agenda 2018_Sarajevo_public

EMERG Workshop on NGN and NETWORK SHARING and LOCAL LOOP UNBUNDLING in Munich (Germany) from 22-23.11.2017


The workshop will cover network sharing including co-invest models, shared access of passive infrastructure and active infrastructure (including LLU) as well as open access networks. These topics are utmost relevant due to the need to foster CAPEX intense roll-out required for next generation fixed and mobile networks and the opportunity to increase efficiency by sharing. With the upcoming decision on the Single Market Directive, sharing as a method to create incentives to invest is a major cornerstone.

The telecommunications sector experiences significant growth in traffic. The increasing traffic is driven by inter alia the consumption of non-linear audiovisual content, new applications and a digitization of the life of the Citizens of the EMERG countries. Also, increasing requirements from different sectors of the economy implies a need to upgrade telecommunications networks. Especially the digitization of the economy including e.g. logistics 4.0, production 4.0 and working life 4.0 implies new and more specific requirements on telecommunications networks, which cannot be fulfilled by legacy copper based networks.

To meet the requirements of the citizens and the economy, the operators must deploy new fiber based networks and 5G networks, which is CAPEX intense. Therefore, to create the necessary incentives for operators to invest and upgrade their networks, the regulatory framework must enable a cost efficient network roll-out. Further, the regulation must also allow the operators to generate sufficient profit margins for the long term and partly risky investments.

In the proposed regulatory framework for communications, (Single Market Directive), the EU Commission has proposed to foster investments in new technologies through different sharing methods, including:

  • Regulated access to passive infrastructure as a symmetric obligation imposed on all relevant holders of infrastructure.
  • A new regulatory set of rules for operators jointly rolling-out new access networks (co-invest-models), sharing the infrastructure on an open access basis
  • The continuation of obligations on SMP operators to provide local loop unbundling to facilitate the market entry of alternative operators by enabling these the shared access to the last mile infrastructure.The aim of the workshop is to identify the required initiatives by the national regulators needed to adapt the regulatory frameworks to facilitate and enable operators to share infrastructure in order to foster more innovation in networks, which is required for the digitization of the EMERG countries. By the common definition of relevant initiatives, the approximation of the regulation in the EMERG countries is carried forward.
  • The workshop is organized in sessions covering the following sessions:
  • Further, in order to enable the economically successful deployment of 5G mobile networks, the sharing of mobile access infrastructure will also be crucial to the digitization of the EMERG countries.
  • Open access models / wholesale only models and the requirements on a future proof regulatory framework;
  • Future regulation of local loop unbundling, which is suitable for next generation fiber networks (NGN) and the digitization of the economy;
  • Regulation of co-invest models to foster investments in NGN;
  • Sharing of mobile access networks to enable a cost efficient deployment of 5G Networks.

For the upcoming expert workshop EMERG would like to get an impression of the current regulatory situation in terms of network sharing. Eeach member NRA is requested to answer the following questionnaire.

EMERG_17_38_Agenda 2017_München_public